5 Healthier Alcoholic Drink Options

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but alcohol has calories. In fact some drinks, especially high sugar cocktails and heavy beers are pretty calorie dense. This makes it difficult if you are trying to watch your weight, or stay on track with your fitness goals. Alcoholic drink calories can add up pretty quickly during a happy hour or tailgating with friends.

However, there are a few things you can do to watch your caloric intake but still cut loose with your friends:

Choose a Low Calorie Mixer: If you are a hard alcohol drinker, try low calorie or no calorie mixers like sparkling water, club soda or diet soda. Most drinks that say "sugar free" are better options than their full sugar counterparts.

Take Water Breaks: I know it isn't always the "cool" thing to do. But having a water after every alcoholic drink will help slow down your alcohol intake and decrease the intensity of tomorrow's hangover. Try a sparkling water if you prefer to have something bubbly in your hand while you take an alcohol break. You will get more hydration and your friends will assume you are drinking alcohol. It's a win:win!

Avoid Creamy or Sugary Shots: We all have that friend that notoriously buys shots and their peer pressure is usually unavoidable. Next time, encourage them to order straight alcohol. Each shot of straight liquor will have at least 100 calories or more anyway, so don't add extra calories from carbohydrates and creams if you can help it.

Make Drinks at Home: I love being able to mix my own drinks at home. They are made to my exact liking and I get to control how many calories are in my drink. My favorite right now is a vodka club soda with a splash of mango shrub. MMMMMM! GOOD!

Below is a list of healthy drink alternatives for you while you are at the bar at your house. ENJOY!


The drinks presented below are very tasty. Enjoy in moderation.

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