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Hi  Friends!

I am glad you're here. And I bet I have felt how you are feeling too. 


It's not your fault if you're frustrated. Finding quality online yoga and fitness classes that are made for “normal” people is hard! 


While traveling full time for 7 months across the country, I had a very difficult time finding online yoga classes that I could trust. I would look for in-person yoga studios but they were either too “weird” or much too expensive. 

Having a master's degree in exercise science, I know that not all exercise classes are created equal. To me, it is very important to teach science-based classes in order to achieve optimal health benefits like building strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. 


So instead of continuing to waste another year of my life digging through the internet clutter for the perfect fitness classes with teachers I could actually relate to, I decided to build my own online yoga and fitness studio.


I have over 7 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and I have brought you quality, easy to use online fitness and yoga instruction all with a science-focused lense.

Fly Away Fitness is your one-stop hub for all things wellness with exercise classes and pop up webinars focused on trendy health and wellness topics. This platform truly is for anyone anywhere.

In good health, 

Tara Shafrath

We are in this together

It starts with you and your willingness to invest in yourself. We know you deserve quality, accessible fitness classes and coaching specifically tailored for you.  And we think you know it too. 


We are here to help you make the most out of your time, money and energy. We will literally and figuratively "meet you where you are at" in a judgment-free environment.  So go ahead and have a glass of rosé next to your mat, or do your workout in your pajamas. Chances are, we have done that too. 



Experts From Across Country

Fly Away Fitness is different from the rest because we strive to provide our clients with science-backed fitness classes.  Between the three of us, we have over 25 years of teaching experience in the field of exercise, health education, nutrition, and physiology. We are normal female professionals skilled at presenting our expertise in an easy to understand, fun, relatable and safe manner.

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Use Health Coaching as an opportunity to set and achieve your health and wellness goals. You will get quality 1:1  time with an expert to map out a plan and provide guidance. If you are craving accountability from an actual expert, health coaching is for you! 

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